Margaret Fleming – Fleming Marvellous

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Thank you for the fantastic work you have done on my new brand.  From our first meeting you have shown creativity, professionalism and sheer genius in your understanding of my business.

Even though I had doubts about changing my existing brand, which has worked well for the last 17 years, you made the process exciting and invigorating.  I have never looked at my business in such a diverse way before and you made me realise exactly where I want to be in the market place, who I want to attract as my customers and where I aspire to take my new business.  The whole process was enjoyable from start to the finished results.

As a business Fleming Marvellous wants to add to its credibility by working with the best companies and as far as Pyxis Media is concerned you went beyond my expectations in delivering a fantastic service and I have great pleasure in telling everyone I meet how inspirational you are. Thank you.