Brand Positioning – Does your brand fulfil it’s promise?

Discover why a well defined brand will attract the right customers

When you think about a brand, one thing you need to consider is positioning. What do I mean by positioning? Positioning is where your business sits amongst the competition. And where your customers are looking.

Ask yourself this – what does your business or brand aspire to? Who are your customers and what are they looking for? Does your brand sit amongst the budget, mid range or luxury markets for instance, i.e. cheap and cheerful, affordable quality or shameless exclusivity?

Does your brand fulfil its promise?

Why is a well positioned brand important?

When your brand is positioned in the right market place it demonstrates that…

  1. You know what your customers want
  2. You talk their language
  3. Your customers are comfortable and confident buying from you

Therefore you won’t need to work so hard because your brand is targeting the right audience.

So what does your brand say?

Think about cars for a minute Picture a Mercedes – Mercedes is a car built on ambition. It has a century of innovation behind its design, safety features and engineering. Their slogan is “The Best or Nothing”. A Mercedes is the ultimate status symbol and a statement that says “I’ve made it”. What kind of person drives one of these cars? It appeals to fashion Icons, world leaders and captains of industry who usually choose to be chauffeur driven in style in a Mercedes. But even if you are on your way up and not quite circulating in the upper echelons of society, a Mercedes parked on the drive can help boost your ego (or your client’s confidence in you.)

Let’s consider an alternative. What do you normally associate with a Skoda? An economically priced, well built car – a Skoda driver isn’t necessarily after the limelight, but would rather own a functional car that gets them from A to B safely. The customers who buy them don’t want a status symbol.

You wouldn’t call a Skoda sexy, seductive or in the least bit racy – but a conventional consumer with conservative tastes would be happy to own one. Not everyone wants world fame, global domination or a flash car in the garage.

Or what about a Mini? The Mini appeals to consumers who want a funky car and a thrilling driving experience. It’s strongly associated with the mini-skirt, ‘The Italian Job’ and Pop Festivals. The creators were famous for creating space on the inside whilst saving space on the outside with their innovative, 10 foot car.

The Mini was the answer to a crowded busy world with more cars taking to the roads. It is still an affordable but practical set of wheel and continues to attract unconventional younger drivers who want a stylish car that’s fun to drive without breaking the bank.

Now think about your business and your brand. Take a step back and reflect. If your brand was a car which car would it be. Does it appeal to your customers? Do they want to be associated with your brand?

A brand talks silently about your business. If your clients have to think before buying from you, the chances are your brand is sending out the wrong signals. Therefore is it time you gave your brand a test drive…?

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