Ecommerce – Creating an online shop


So you’re an independent retailer with a bricks and mortar store who has an online presence but no online shop, this means you’re potentially missing out on a valuable income stream – so what’s stopping you? Well, committing time and money to a new venture is a tough decision to […]

Brand Recognition – Is Your Business Memorable For All The Wrong Reasons?

How important is branding to your business? Does your brand work for or against you? Are you unwittingly turning prospective clients off by sending out confusing messages? Picture the following three scenarios: A leadership coach talking about the importance of communication. Her audience are distracted (and ever so slightly irritated) […]

Why Network Security is a must

Network security helps protect your workstations from harmful spyware and other malicious software. Before you connect to a corporate network, ensure you’ve backed up your system and know how to protect yourself if your device is compromised. Protect your system from spyware before you connect to corporate networks, we suggest […]

Many investments, such as those made in dividend stocks, can provide an income stream throughout the life of the investment (see this to get all the details). Interest rates can often keep this in check. In some cases, however, interest rates have been rising and dividend stocks may not be […]